Probiotic Foods – The Complete Parasite Kit

As the dinner host, you really don’t want to be sharing your meal with these critters – worms, amoeba, viruses, bad bacteria, fungi – collectively known as parasites.

Parasites, left unchecked in your body can deplete your energy levels and immune system by taking your food and leaving their rubbish and wastes behind. Most undesirable dinner guests!

The Complete Parasite Kit

We have designed 3 unique products in a simple 3 step process.

Step 1 Parastart

Targets parasite overgrowth with gentle bulking fibres and antiparasitic herbs.

Step 2 Paraflush x2

Flushes toxins and dead parasites out of your system with a natural bowel cleanse.

Step 3 Paraclean

Clears the body of fungus and mold, the home or parasites.
Packaged in a convenient carry case, you can start cleansing straight away.

Included in the carry case are:
4 Products, instructions for use, self- check questionnaire.