Some of the most alive and health-promoting foods on this planet are fermented – including power foods such as tempeh, sourdough breads, kimchi, yoghurt, miso, tamari, sauerkraut, umeboshi, wine and idli (rice flour).

2die4 Live Food’s ACTIVATED nuts and seeds have been long-soaked in water, fresh whey and whole, raw Celtic sea salt. Presto! Fermentation has begun. The nuts are then long-dried (dehydrated, not cooked) at very low temperatures. This arrests, and does not kill the nutrient-enlivening transformation that takes place with fermentation, which simply re-ignites once the nuts are popped into the mouth.

Activated nuts and seeds become noticeably lighter, tastier, more nourishing, free of bitterness and markedly more-ish. They have been deemed, in fact, by some very alive customers of ours, “2die4”!!

UMAMI is a Japanese word meaning “deliciousness”, or just plain “yummy”. When Japanese scientists discovered the existence of a “fifth taste” located between sweet and savoury, UMAMI is the title they gave it. And now we have it on good authority that 2die4’s unique fermentation and dehydration process generates the UMAMI taste in its brilliant range.

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