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Product range philosophy

gourmet organic sustainable

our-product-range-philosophythe busy botanical cuisine chefs have created these products to help add some gourmet into every-day! ideal for those wishing to include more raw food but perhaps stuck for time or inspiration. this evolving range includes breakfast range, sauces & pestos, pates, ice creams, desserts and cheeses and our own unique spices.

At botanical cuisine we make our raw vegan food with three elements in mind. gourmet organic sustainable:

Gourmet – our food is for those whose tongue is bored and whose heart plays loud music that no one else can hear! chefs with trained palates, create flavours and textures with a commitment to beautiful, artisan inspired raw vegan products.

all of our products are sugar, dairy and gluten free. they are made with minimal processing, at low temperatures, with no artificial additives.

Organic – botanical cuisine is committed to sourcing the highest quality organic, biodynamic or wild crafted raw materials for optimal flavours and health benefits.

the food we use is grown according to natural processes, which means natural fertilisers and no chemical pesticides or herbicides.

Sustainable – sustainability starts at home. this is a key value at the heart of botanical cuisine’s philosophy and we do our best to express it in every aspect of our business:

  • packaging – glass jar with 100% tree free paper made from stonemushroom-pepper-berry-sauce-1366556629
  • energy – solar powered efficient
  • water – using rain water
  • minimising our carbon footprint
  • our website hosting is green clean host
  • we do our best to and purchase according to fair trade principles. this means we can build on a sustainable foundation, along with helping indigenous co-operatives add as much value as possible to their raw products
  • we also pay attention to the way we live our personal lives. we ensure that we give ourselves time to reflect and to nurture our friends, family and home as well as work. that’s an often under-valued definition of sustainability!

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