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Coconut Magic

about.html_PHOTO3The Coconut Magic Difference

Producing a quality coconut oil and coconut products is a very delicate process. It starts with the raw materials. Many companies will source their coconuts from wherever they can get them, using anything they can find – young ones, old ones, damaged ones. When it comes to coconut oil, to preserve the maximum Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) content it is important to use only mature, fresh, healthy coconuts. Soil type, location, country of origin all play a part in the quality of a fresh, mature coconut. If a coconut is not of this calibre, we disregard it. This ensure our products are of premium quality and that the maximum benefit of the MCFA content can be gained. It also ensures the incredible clean freshness of the final product.

about.html_PHOTO2The next step once the raw materials are carefully selected is the extraction process. To make it simple, our process uses no heat, no chemicals, no hexane, no dehydration, and a very gentle separation technique. When heat is used in the drying process it can create a stronger, almost pungent flavour in the coconut oil. Our no heat technique is what gives Coconut Magic oil its soft, mild flavour. The gentle extraction is what allows it to maintain the subtle, authentically raw, light coconut taste and aroma.

Some processes remove all of the coconut flavour, leaving the oil odourless and bland. I sometimes refer to this as an oil that has had the ‘guts’ removed. Although soft and mild, our coconut oil has maintained its integrity. To produce one 500ml jar of Coconut Magic pure coconut oil, we have cold pressed approximately 12 mature coconuts. For this reason we may never be able to produce the yields like some of the bigger companies. However, they may never be able to produce the same quality as us.

Healthier For You

Our philosophy is to live healthy and to be happy. We personally enjoy a nourishing, clean and vibrant lifestyle. Our products are reflective of that lifestyle. All of the Coconut Magic products that are made available to you, we love and use ourselves. Ours products are nutritious and healthy for you. They are also clean foods that are non refined, free from toxic chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Finally, our products are vibrant foods in that they carry the energy and healing vibration that Mother Nature intended.


Certified Organic

Our coconut products are all certified organic. When it comes to our virgin coconut oil, we go the extra mile and source our coconuts from our very own certified organic farms, ensuring both our farms and the production process are all certified. This gives us the utmost confidence that no pesticides or chemicals have been used at any stage during production.