Folk Soap


natural | vegan | no palm oil | no parabens | no petrochemicals | no sulfates | no synthetic colours or fragrances

Welcome to Folk, the home of beautiful handmade bar and liquid soaps from the North Coast of NSW. Without exception, our products are made from natural ingredients and follow traditional, unmilled, cold and hot processed techniques. Cruelty free, vegan, no palm oil, no parabens or other preservatives, no SLES/ SLS/ ALES/ ALS, no synthetic colourants or fragrances, no petrochemicals, no mineral oils, and no detergents.

Folk soaps are renowned for their indulgent moisturising and cleansing properties, use of ethical and organically-sourced ingredients, and beautiful incorporation of highest-quality vegetable oils, aromatherapeutic essential oils, natural clays and botanical exfoliants.

Available from Green Hills Organics, Folk soaps are created for the people, using ingredients sourced from the earth.


In 2008, our journey into natural skin care began. Disheartened by the abundance of cheap, chemical, drying and mass-produced skin detergents, misleading labelling and long, confusing ingredient lists, we delved into the science and practice of traditional, natural soap theory.

With a genuine commitment to the natural environment, animal welfare, holistic health and old-school artisan practices, our first small-scale commercial production of hand-crafted bar and liquid soaps appeared in the NSW North Coast marketplace two years later. Since that time, our product range has evolved, our business has grown, and Folk has developed into a loved and trusted source of ethical, traditional, vegetable-based soaps.

We thank you all sincerely for your support.

Jade and Adam
(founders of The Australian Food and Fragrance Company, and creators of Folk Soap)