Our Mission

manablendOur mission is to provide access to the world’s very best certified organic nutrition in a totally natural, whole, superfood formula to create healing and manifest an individual’s potential on all levels – and have a heap of fun while we’re at it! We aim to deliver outstanding nourishment, easily consumed each day, with a smile.

We are committed to integrity and transparency in business, putting human relations and quality at the top of the list. ‘Love comes first’ is our mantra, and y’know what? It works.

Our mission includes birthing another faction of the ‘People For Health’ movement that is swelling on our planet by creating a thriving customer network through our brand. By joining up with other strong health & fair-trade companies, we aim to inform millions about the wonders of excellent health and what this means for our lives and for the lives of those around us.

MANA is our creative pleasure and our offering to the new paradigm of integral, heart-based business that is expanding in our world today.

How To Take It

MANA is a food and a nutritional supplement in a powdered form and is designed to be eaten on a daily basis, providing you with a level of nutrition not found in regular diets. Its 11 ingredients are of the highest quality superfoods on the planet and we encourage you to read about each of them on our INGREDIENTS page. They include cacao, maca, lucuma, yakon, incan spirulina, goji berry, mesquite, chlorella, camu camu, red banana & noni.