Mojo Kombucha

Kombucha (pronounced kom-boo-cha).

380847_317791954917373_43257418_nKombucha is an ancient handmade elixir that is created by a unique fermentation recipe. A living Kombucha Culture transforms the original Organic ingredients to create a natural, living health drink that is said to assist in balancing the mind, the body, the spirit and the soul. Pure MOJO!

In today’s world where so much of the food and drink we consume is highly processed, Kombucha is a back to basics approach to the simple art of doing something good for you. It’s uplifting, rejuvenating and your body will love you for it.

Discovered over 2000 years ago, Kombucha is an ancient hand made drink that is created by a unique fermentation. A living natural culture of Organic Kombucha transforms the traditional ingredients to create a refreshing, natural health elixir. It is said to assist in balancing the mind, body and the spirit. Pure MOJO!

388274_317792588250643_818350694_nMOJO KOMBUCHA ORGANIC ORIGINAL:
This is the base product and where it all began. The original has a very clean, crisp and unique taste on the tongue. Cheers to your health.

Pressed Ginger Juice has been infused in our Organic Kombucha giving a whole new dimension both in flavour & health qualities.

In this variety the freshness of squeezed lemon juice works wonders with the bubbles of the Organic Kombucha creating a refreshing zing.

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