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nolans-featureA visit to the beautiful Colonna olive estate in Italy was the catalyst for Dee Nolan to pursue her long-held dream to produce premium quality extra virgin olive oil at her family farm in the fertile Limestone Coast region of South Australia.

Purity and Freshness

The greatest care is taken at every stage of growing, processing, blending and storing to ensure Nolans Road extra virgin olive oils are of the highest quality. This is the opposite of industrialised production. The olives are harvested by hand to ensure they remain in peak condition and then pressed, soon after, in state-of-the-art mechanical presses where the temperature is carefully controlled to maintain the oil’s increasingly sought after health benefits. The oil is settled naturally, bottled unfiltered and kept in temperature-controlled storage until shipped.

NR_15mL_RobustReturning Home

Dee is the third generation Nolan to farm Gum Park, the Nolan property. It’s where she grew up before embarking on an award-winning career as a journalist and editor in Melbourne, London and New York. In 1995 she and her husband, John Southgate bought back Gum Park, which had been out of family ownership for 25 years. Helped by Marina Colonna and Professor Fontanazza from Perugia’s Institute of Olive Research, the soil and climatic conditions at Gum Park were analyzed and deemed to be ideal for olive cultivation. Italian cultivars — Lecchino, Frantoio, FS17 and Pendolino — were chosen. Dee’s passion for organic farming ensure the olive trees are grown without the use of artificial chemicals and fertilisers.

Dee Nolan writes:

In the spring of 2005 came a phone call from chef Sean Moran saying he’d tasted our Robust oil and he wanted to serve it in his Bondi Beach restaurant, Sean’s Panaroma. What an honour. Sean’s Panaroma is a real foodies’ haven where guests are greeted with the best sourdough rolls in Sydney — and a bowl of our oil. In the winter of that same year, Kylie Kwong started using our Delicate oil at Billy Kwong, her Chinese tea house in Surry Hills. In her latest book, It Tastes Better, she wrote that “it literally revolutionised my way of cooking and we now use it in the majority of dishes in my restaurant”. Since then, we have also started supplying Bistro Moncur, Damien Pignolet’s classic Woollahra restaurant, Daniel Mosedale’s Blue Angel in Noosaville and most recently, Andrew McConnell’s Cumulus Inc in Melbourne. Working with all these immensely talented chefs continue to inspire us to produce the best oil we possibly can.

About Dee Nolan

Gum-Park-54DEE-OLIVE-TREE_ABOUTDee Nolan is a journalist, author and the third generation to run her family farm near Naracoorte in South Australia’s Limestone Coast.
Her Nolans Road organic produce takes its name from the country lane that winds through a canopy of magnificent river red gums along the boundary of Dee’s olive grove. Her certified organic extra virgin olive oil has won a wide following among leading chefs and food writers both in Australia and further afield. For food lovers everywhere, Nolans Road has come to mean premium, certified organic produce that is farmed in harmony with nature, resulting in food that both delights the senses and is rich in health benefits. Dee’s recently published first book was inspired by Europe’s artisanal food producers, with their heritage in centuries-old traditions and their produce newly cherished by modern cooks in their home kitchens and restaurants. The book is called A Food Lover’s Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and it is published by the Lantern imprint of Penguin. Dee is currently working on her second book.

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