Emily Rohr is the founder and creator at Rohr Remedy. She sat down recently to talk about her journey, and we would love to share some of the insights.

No other company embraces ancient wisdom and integrates bush medicine quite like yourselves. Why is the use of native Australian plants and knowledge of the Australian indigenous people central to Rohr Remedy and how do you think this differentiates you from the rest of the market?

For the past 23 years we have worked with Indigenous country men and women in regional Australia. We love the Australian bush and have a strong connection to the living nature of country. Many brands use the Australian natives, but most are city born who have no real working knowledge, they are just buying it from distributors and including it because of its benefits, for us it is the basis of the brand it is integral to what we are about.

Unlike other natural skincare manufacturers, Rohr Remedy uses the entire plant not just the active ingredients. What is the benefit of this approach?

We have a long history of isolating actives and just taking what is deemed the important nutrient in plants, we see this with the vitamin industry as well as the cosmetic industry. I have always believed that we underestimate excipients and derivatives. The classic example is the cassava plant which is a key part of a huge number of people diet around the world, it is like the rice of the pacific. It was deemed a filler or just a carb that helped ease hunger, recently however they discovered that it is extremely high in vitamin B 16 a known anti-cancer active, and the whole thinking around this simple vegetable has changed. We are limited to our research and I think, there is so much that we do not know about our plants. We like to keep things whole because mother nature has taken millions of years to develop these plants and we like to honour that hard work. Also, it is proving to keep the actives stable and assist with the absorption of the actives, these things are difficult to replicate in a lab.

Do you see virtue in the wild harvest of native plants vs. agricultural cultivation?

Wild harvesting has a higher yield of actives than plantation grown plants, this may change as the farmers step in and do seed breeding programs, but currently that is the case. When you collect bush medicines with the old women, they always look at the surrounding plants, the most potent ones are usually next to particular bushes. For them the whole surrounding eco system is important. Indigenous farming techniques are very interesting, they tend to work with the natural environment rather than obliterating it. I think we can learn so much from our country men and women, and I feel so passionate about developing these industries in regional Australia, that are owned and operated by the TO’s.

How do your products adapt for your customer’s changing needs and lifestyles, and why was a one-size-fits-all approach inadequate?

We love the fact that no two days are really exactly the same and no two =
people are 100% the same. We wanted people to take control of their own =
skin care regime and so developed a tightly curated range, that firmly =
puts the control into the hands of each individual. By using the whole =
of the plant our extracts work synergistically with the skin, making it =
suitable for all skin types. For example, we have the serum which is oil =
free for humid days or for people with more oily skin, then we have the =
oil for a richer moisturisation, and then the everyday lilly pilly moisturiser and they are all interchangeable.

What is the power-house ingredient/s that features often in Rohr Remedy products and why do you choose to use it/them?

Every one of our products focus on special ingredients they all do different but important things. Of course, Kakadu plum is fab and because it is the local bush of Broome I am particularly partial to that and of course the Boab nut. This nut has an amazing amino acid profile, which is for me the most exciting part of this plant. It is what I call the multi vitamin of oils, so not only does it contain vitamin C, A, E, F, B, it also contains high levels of calcium and magnesium and other minerals, these are all well and good, but it is the amino acids that provide its pharmacological benefits. Basically, these are the pre-cursors that play a vital role in doing things like converting vitamin A into retinol, producing collagen, and provide cell regeneration, it even has the amino acid which is essential for sperm production (along with many others). I think it is such a fabulous ingredient and I get such a glow when I use this oil, I even put it in my hair.