Sprout & Kernel

Our brand

At Sprout and Kernel we believe that Pachamama (mother earth) provides us with all we need to nourish our bodies. We believe in the power of plant based food and that the food we eat should not harm any being on this planet we share.Pachamama has grown two of our core ingredients – nuts and buckwheat. Tree nuts are an abundant source of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Tree nuts also contain copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron and selenium. All essential for healthy bodies.

We blend our home made cashew cheese with rejuvelac, a natural pro biotic that we make from buckwheat to culture all our tree nut cheeses. Rejuvelac promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut, helps the body to reduce inflammation and produce and absorb vitamins, enzymes and oxygen. When these two core ingredients are combined, you get our delicious cultured tree nut cheeses. All of our cheeses are hand crafted in Sydney’s inner west in a plant-based kitchen. We only use the best ingredients and use Australian grown cashews when available.

Our philosophy

At Sprout and Kernel our philosophy is very simple – if it is not grown in earths soil, it’s not good for you.
This is a philosophy we stand by and live by. Pachamama is definitely a mother that provides.

Pepper corn nut cheese

Chive nut cheese

Herb nut cheese

Aged nut cheese