Sprout Magazine – Extreme cuisines – Spring 2015

Extreme cuisines – Spring 2015

Sprout Winter 2015 cover

It seems we have more food choices than any generation before us, yet many of us tend to eat the same predictable foods week in and week out. In a world where population is set to explode and there is pressure to produce more food to feed our growing planet, there are many producers re-discovering sustainable crops. It may be time to take a culinary adventure and try some extreme cuisine. Read more…

Jump, hop, slip, slide

Increasing the production of under-used and under-appreciated food is another solution to meeting global food requirements and the answer could be in our own backyards. More than 80 per cent of the world’s population already eats insects, which tick the boxes of nutrition, ecology and health and don’t require exetensive space in which to grow. And there are many more potential sources of protein being discovered. Read more…

Weird and wonderful greens

Our standard plate of Aussie green vegies has become quite predictable and boring in comparison to the greens enjoyed by earlier generations. Linda Brennan serves up a selection of greens with planting and growing tips along with how to eat and cook. Read more…

Also in the latest issue

  • Recipes from Hartsyard—they may be influenced by American down-home comfort food, but chef Gregory Llewellyn cooks to the seasons.
  • Glamorous greens—The food-curious and chefs are looking for the new, the different and the exotic when they’re shopping and dining out and we meet the producers obliging them.
  • Cookery Book reviews of the latest must-haves for the kitchen.
  • Spring food and wine events across the country.

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