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The Teelixir journey thus far…
Teelixir is the brainchild of its two creators Daniel Whitechurch and Julze Serendipity. 

In short, both of these intrepid heroes smashed themselves up and depleted their vital systems in their prime youth. Mostly through advanced stress, regretful lifestyle decisions, hectic work life schedules, and long-term dietary choices with a used by date that had well and truly expired. Battling through their own sicknesses, adrenal fatigue, and viral loads, their lack of youthful vitality and drive eventually lead them on a path of self-healing to restore their body and mind and regain their youth naturally.

Their search for greater energy and a better life lead them to discover the ancient wisdom and principles of tonic herbalism, and the herbal tonics, mushrooms, and superfoods associated with that great tradition. By diving in head first, and incorporating this new found knowledge into their lives, in a short period of time, their desires had been met and the vitality they lost quickly returned.
Teelixir is born
Inspired by their personal journey’s, together in late 2014, Julze and Daniel began formulating the Teelixir brand and built a company devoted to helping others regain their health, just as they did. Today, Teelixir provides cutting edge health education and easy access to the same ancient tonic herbs that restored their own diminishing health. Julze and Daniel are thriving now and feeling better than ever thanks to the ancient superfoods and lifestyle principles of tonic herbalism.
So what is tonic herbalism?
How can tonic herbs upgrade your health?
Let us know! Got questions? Feel free to contact us any time at questions@teelixir.com or simply hit ‘reply’ and tell us how we can help?

To healthy new beginnings,

Julze Serendipity & Daniel Whitechurch
Co-Creators, Teelixir